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Our mission is to collect data of paranormal activity in a friendly, professional and confidential manner.  We will assist in any way that is appropriate, always protecting the integrity of an investigation and the privacy of each client.  

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We’re committed to being friendly, professional, and confidential

Team Profile

Kim  - Case Manager / Investigator

I was born and raised in Kansas all of my life.  I am married with 5 children,  3 which are mine and 2 step children which I adore and call my own.  I have taken an early retirement from the Aircraft industry in Wichita which now I am a stay home wife and mother. One interest and passion I have had since I was 5yrs old was the paranormal and the unknown. As a child I experienced something that could not be explained and I have carried this over into being an adult. I have studied the paranormal for the last 4 years in depth and have investigated as a guest on teams numerous amounts of times. I have also traveled out of Kansas along within Kansas and have done my own investigations. Being the skeptic that I am I look at all aspects of what could be causing what. I have become friends with many paranormal teams from all over the world such as Alaska, Vancouver, Hawaii, Italy, Germany, Brazil, etc. not to mention in the US for the last 2 years. Learning and understanding the unknown with them. I am very excited to start our own team to see if we can help you.


Douglas  - Investigator

I've been involved in paranormal investigations since November 2011. My paranormal interests used to only  include ghost tours and visiting graveyards and haunted locations. But once you are able to capture an EVP or have some kind of experience then it really starts to peak your interest. I knew I had to learn more and go on a real investigation. My wife, Cindy and I found Moonlit Ghost Hunts. We soon become team members. We have decided to also become investigators with Ks White Noise Paranormal so that we can help the public.
I specialize in working the "Spirit Box" and have had many successful sessions using this piece of equipment. 

Cindy  - Investigator

I've always been interested in the paranormal, but it has only been within the last few years that I've had  my first paranormal experience. It occurred in the house I am currently living in.  My cat, who had been dead for several years and who never lived in my current home, came for a visit. Since that time I've had a few more strange things happen, but nothing extraordinary. But on September 17, 2014 I saw a full figure apparition of a blurry, little girl with long, wavy hair wearing a white dress. She was standing in front of my kitchen sink. She took one step toward me and disappeared. What she wanted, I'm not sure. Will she return, I'll have to wait and see. 
In the last several years I've been with the local Wichita area team, Moonlit Ghost Hunts, that allows guests to go along, use our equipment and learn how to investigate.  I am now excited to also be a part of Ks White Noise Paranormal. As a team member I like to try to debunk and review data we coillect. 
I'm lucky to have my husband, Doug, as one of my team members. We live in Mulvane with our 2 dobies, Ryder, Ripley and our black cat, Jinx.

Due to COVID-19 We are not doing investigations !

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Due to COVID-19 We are not doing investigations at this time.

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